Between Thursday 7th September and Saturday 9th September, 2023, the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, in collaboration with Jean Borem Glofac Inc. and the University of Colorado Boulder, engaged secondary school teachers of Mathematics and the sciences in an intensive 3-day workshop on PHet Interactive Simulations with the aim of equipping them with relevant tech skills to better teach their students. Leading the workshop for the entire duration was Prof. Olayinka Akinola, the Dean of the Faculty of Science and a professor of Applied and Computational Physics of the Edo State University.

The PHeT Interactive Simulation which resides with the University of Colorado Boulder is a learning system which allows for simulations of real life scientific and Mathematical tests, operations and experiments. It enables teachers of Mathematics and the sciences to better teach and show their students practical examples of what they are being taught. This system of teaching Mathematics and science subjects enables students and teachers to carry out experiments, tests and operations as though it were with actual Mathematical and scientific tools. The aim was to provide both teachers and learners with opportunity to further their skills and knowledge of the subject matters.

Lux Terra Leadership Foundation took interest in the training of school teachers on the use of PhET simulations as part of her drive to better the teaching process in schools in order to produce students who are well equipped and therefore do not engage in examination malpractice. The aim is to improve the standard of teaching and learning in the participating schools in order to reduce the likelihood, however remote, of examination malpractice within the schools. It is believed that students who are well equipped with the requisite knowledge will have no use for and, therefore, no interest in examination malpractice in whatever form.

Participating at the workshop were teachers from St. Peter’s College, Garaku, Nasarawa State, St. John Bosco Secondary School, Okene, Kogi State, Our Lady of Apostles Girls’ College, Akwanga, Nasarawa State, International Islamic Academy, Madalla, Niger State, Divine Mercy Secondary School, Asokoro, Abuja and Regina Pacis Secondary School, Garki, Abuja. The participants were taken on an exciting journey in the world of the PHeT Interactive Simulations. The classes were very much hands-on and practical, but it also had its theoretical aspects.

The participating teachers were also enrolled in online certificate courses that further teach the use of the PhET simulations system so as to give them better understanding of the system beyond the three days of the workshop. Participants at the workshop expressed both excitement and gratitude to the foundation for exposing them to the capacity-building exercise. They expressed their great zeal to go ahead to impart what they have learnt to their student and also to learn newer ways to teach in order to keep up with the fast-paced world of technology.