Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, from Thursday 31st August to Saturday 2nd September, 2023, held an intensive participatory workshop for serving NYSC members of both the Islamic and Christian faiths. The workshop was on the theme of Intensifying the Campaign for Greater Integrity in Nigeria. The interactions at the workshop were from the faith perspective as discussions with participants centred around how they should live their lives as truly religious people, giving proper witness to the faith they profess.


The participants at the workshop were NYSC members serving in the Federal Capital Territory, representing a wide representation of Nigerian youths covering various states of origin, ethnicities, language and, of course, religion.

Some of the talking points at the workshop were an appraisal of the Nigerian situation and the apparent lack of integrity in the daily conduct of many people even as they claim to be people of faith. Participants were also led to explore the meaning and manifestations of integrity in their religious groups, the NYSC setting and the Nigerian society in general. After this, they participated in discussing the roles of the youth in setting things right in the society using religious resources and networks. There were also group discussions during which the participants were made to reimagine the Nigerian society and identify roles they can play in setting things right. In addition, there was a thought-provoking discussion on patriotism which helped the young Nigerians realise that in the deep parts of their being, they really love Nigeria and want the best for her.

Other areas of discussion during the workshop were personal effectiveness and preparation for life after NYSC. These helped the corps members to rethink the use of their time and resources and also come up with profitable activities they can engage in during and after service to better their own lives, the communities within which they live and the society at large.

Lux Terra Leadership Foundation continues to follow-up on these corps members with the hope that the seeds sown at the workshop can really germinate and grow. Also, the participants initiated various projects to execute as their ways to contribute to the campaign for integrity in Nigeria. Going forward, the Lux Terra Foundation intends to have a follow-up workshop with them to enable a reinforcement of the messages of integrity and to help them gain new insights and perspectives.


The engagements with NYSC members is one of the components of Lux Terra’s program on Intensifying the Campaign for Greater Integrity in Nigeria.