The Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, on Monday 12th September, 2022, held an open interaction with members of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) of the Federal Polytechnic Auchi. The interaction focused on the subject of integrity and how they can play critical roles, both individually and collectively, in making Nigeria a better place through honest living.

The members of the MSSN, who travelled into Abuja on an excursion, participated actively in relating their religious beliefs and injunctions from the Holy Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to the need for honest living. They all agreed that a lack of integrity in daily living is one of the biggest challenges facing Nigeria’s existence today. They also admitted that in some ways, they have not lived up to expectation as Muslims, making them to commit to be more deliberate in the choices that they make going forward.

The Executive Director of the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Rev. Fr. George Ehusani, encouraged the students to choose honesty in all that they do so that they can have a better future for themselves. He admonished them not to be carried away by the ostentatious living that can be witnessed all around us and emphasised in the media. He charged them all to choose to live honestly and shun all forms of corrupt practices, including examination malpractice which has become prevalent in school environments.

There was also a discussion about the effects of corruption in Nigeria and the roles young people can play to reverse the trend. During this session, students were able to discuss freely what they feel about the current state of our nation Nigeria and how they can play their own parts to ensure the dangerous trend is arrested. They were able to identify actions that are within their spheres of influence and spheres of control.

At the end of the workshop, the participants expressed their gratitude to the Foundation for the efforts and expenses put into the organisation of the interaction, especially as it was on short notice. They noted how they have been touched and how they have been made to review the way had been living their lives up until that point and to make amends where necessary.

The Lux Terra Leadership Foundation continues to intensify its campaign for greater integrity in Nigeria through various programs, workshops and campaign activities.