Donate to Lux Terra

The structures and activities of the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation are funded principally through monetary and non-monetary donation from friends, partners, and promoters who associate themselves with the mission of the Foundation.

Partnership Programme

In addition to donations, there exists a group of committed partners and promoters of Lux Terra who have signed up to contribute a certain amount of money each month for the furtherance of Lux Terra’s mission. It is thanks to the generous contributions of these partners and promoters that Lux Terra has always been able to meet a major part of its annual budgetary needs that today run into scores of millions of naira. We are constantly soliciting for more persons to enlist as partners so we can boost our principal resource base in order to sustain the structures and the activities of the Foundation.


To make a donation; kindly send your support to the bank details below;

Account Name: Lux Terra Leadership Foundation

Account Number: 1623254145

Bank: Ecobank