About us

Who we are

Lux Terra Leadership Foundation is a multiple resource outfit and training facility whose purpose is to expose leaders and potential leaders to the dynamics of purposeful, visionary, transformative and inspiring servant leadership. Beneficiaries of our programmes are equipped and motivated with the necessary orientation, skills and tools, towards the effective management of people and resources and optimal realization of the objectives of their societies, organizations, agencies or religious groups. The offices of the Foundation are presently located in Abuja. However, activities are implemented all over Nigeria.

Our Vision
Vision Statement

We want to see our societies transformed into thriving and peaceful communities, through the emergence of well-equipped, self-sacrificing leaders of integrity, at all levels and in all sectors.

Our Mission
Mission Statement

We are committed to the positive transformation of society, through the training and equipping of present and future leaders, and through such other formation, public awareness, and policy advocacy activities, that are directed at enhancing the well-being and the common good of all.


The Foundation functions through the following activities: Ongoing research and analyses as well as maintenance of database on the dynamics of good leadership. Development of transformative leadership and management training modules. Organisation of Courses, Workshops and Seminars to meet leadership and management challenges. Lobby and advocacy for effective, purpose-driven and accountable leadership and governance in our society.
Network and collaboration with organisations and agencies pursuing similar objectives.